Louisiana - 4\29\1921

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Section 8.0 0 [Last Modified: 6/16/2004 9:51:47 AM]

Section 8. Any JUDGE of the Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, or District Courts may retire on two-thirds pay when he shall have reached the age of seventy years, and shall have served continuously as a JUDGE of a court of record for twenty years immediately preceding the date of retirement; provided, all JUDGEs hereafter elected shall retire on reaching the age of seventy-five years, but shall not receive pay thereafter, unless they shall have served for the required pay thereafter, unless they shall have served for the required length of time. Any justice of the Supreme Court who may now be, or become physically or mentally incapacitated to perform his duties, upon such disability being made to appear by certificate of a majority of the remaining members of the court, shall be retired on two-thirds pay, and upon the filing of said certificate with the Secretary of State, the vacancy shall be filled as provided in this Constitution. Any JUDGE who has been heretofore retired on pay, or who is eligible to retire on pay at the adoption of this Constitution, and who may hereafter retire, shall continue to receive the same pay which was received at the time of retirement. The Legislature shall make the necessary provisions to cover the salaries of retired JUDGEs, which shall be paid monthly upon their own warrants, as provided for other JUDGEs.