Louisiana - 4\29\1921

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Section 4.0 0 [Last Modified: 6/16/2004 9:52:00 AM]

Section 4. For any of the causes mentioned in Section 1 hereof, JUDGEs of the Supreme Court may be removed from office by judgment of a court of not less than seven JUDGEs, to be composed of the JUDGEs of the Supreme Court not connected with the case and a sufficient number of the JUDGEs of the courts of appeal, oldest in point of service. Any member of said court may be challenged for reasonable cause, and all judgments shall be by a majority of the court. The suit shall be instituted by the Attorney General or an assistant, on the written request, accompanied by specific charges, of one hundred citizens and taxpayers, twenty-five practicing lawyers, or two justices of Supreme Court.