Louisiana - 4\29\1921

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Section 6. For any of the causes enumerated in Section 1 hereof, any officer, whether state, district, parochial, or of a ward or municipality, except the Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, and JUDGEs of the courts of record, may be removed by judgment of the district court of his domicile. The Attorney General or district attorney may, in his discretion, institute such suit, and shall do so (except when the suit is to be brought against himself) on the written request, specifying the charges, of twenty-five citizens and taxpayers, or of the governor, in the ease of state, district, parochial or municipal officers, and of ten resident citizens and taxpayers in the case of ward officers. Suits against the Attorney General shall be brought at the place where he discharges his official duties by the district attorney of that district, and suits against a district attorney of an adjoining district, or by an attorney appointed by the court, whenever requested to do so, as above set forth.